ET Christmas Edition 2018

Edgar Andrews — What is man?
Jeremy Brooks — A sight for sore eyes
David Campbell — The wise and the foolish
Gary Clayton — Happy Christmas
Timothy Cross — Joseph: an unsung hero
Roger Hitchings — The Word became flesh
Paul Mackrell — Christmas past
David Magowan — Who do you think you are?
Paul Smith — Hark the herald angels sing
Mark Thomas — Guest column
John Thornbury — My Lord and my God
Judith Webster — Mary’s song
Martin Wells — The song of Zacharias

A proven aid to Christmas evangelism

  • Ideal for use in church and personal evangelism
  • Attractive presentation
  • Clear presentation of the gospel of Christ in suitably chosen articles
  • Extensive personal testimonies
  • Proven track record of being very helpful in Christmas evangelism
  • Special prices for bulk quantities
  • Post free for UK addresses
  • No loose advertising inserts


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100 copies £50.00 (50p each) 3,000 copies £810.00 (27p each)

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